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Letters From Addie

Addie Barton, Missionary to Mexico


This is the story of Louisa Adeline "Addie" Barton, pioneer missionary to Mexico. The story is told through letters, many of which she wrote to her family back home in Salado, Texas.

It was in the year of 2005 that I first learned that Addie's letters were housed at the Bell County Museum in Belton, Texas. Upon learning this, a friend and I went to the museum every Tuesday morning for several weeks and hand copied Addie's letters. I then typed each letter just as Addie had written it. The numbers at the top left of each letter were written onto the documents by the museum.

The first of Addie's letters in this collection is dated July 11, 1884. In this letter she wrote of beginning her journey into Mexico. The last of Addie's letters is her retirement letter dated June 29, 1921. In the intervening thirty-seven years she wrote dozens and dozens of letters telling of her joys and triumphs, her worries and concerns, and of her unyielding confidence and trust in her call to the mission field.

As my friend and I copied each letter, we became more and more intrigued with Addie's story, and realized that if her letters were not made known, her work and her life would be lost to history. We are therefore, pleased and happy to present Letters from Addie.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Addie Makes a Choice, 1884
Chapter 2: Addie's Calling and Confirmation, 1884
Chapter 3: The Journey Begins in Saltillo, 1884
Chapter 4: Addie in Patos, 1885
Chapter 5: A New Year in Saltillo, 1886
Chapter 6: Missionary Zeal in Zacatecas, 1887
Chapter 7: Good News for Guadalajara, 1893
Chapter 8: Back Home in Saltillo, 1898
Chapter 9: Storm Clouds Gather, 1896-1898
Chapter 10: Converting a School in Toluca, 1903-1904
Chapter 11: The Mexican Revolution, 1910-1917
Chapter 12: Addie During the Revolution, 1910-1921
Chapter 13: Letters from Friends, 1918, 1921
Chapter 14: Addie's Final Year, 1921

By Charlene Ochsner Carson
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